In Honor of World Bee Day, Grab a Jar of the Bee’s Knees

In Honor of World Bee Day, Grab a Jar of the Bee’s Knees

Peanut butter and honey — it’s one of those beautiful and brilliant sweet and salty combinations. What better way to honor World Bee Day than to spread some of our smooth and creamy The Bee’s Knees on your morning waffles, layer some into a yogurt parfait, or bake some into a batch of warm honey-kissed peanut butter chip scones? You’ll not only be enjoying one of our most popular (and delicious) peanut butters, but you’ll be paying homage to a population of precious pollinators that are essential to our global food system. 

You probably know that bees do a lot more than sting. They’re key to our environment and our natural ecosystem. That’s because bees are natural pollinators—critical players in the pollination of plants and crops. In fact, it’s estimated that their pollination work produces one third of our food supply by giving us countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts and contributes $15 billion to the US economy every year. 

But honey bees don’t only pollinate crops — they also do lots of other super helpful work to combat global climate change like providing food and cover for wildlife, keeping waterways clean, preventing soil erosion, producing the oxygen we breathe, and absorbing carbon dioxide. 

The problem is that in recent years bees have been decreasing by the billions. This decline has been linked to several factors, including parasites, the use of pesticides which poison bees, and monoculture farming, which prevents them from having a varied diet.

To raise awareness of the importance of bee pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the UN designated 20 May as World Bee Day. The hope is to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees and other pollinators, which would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate hunger in developing countries. 

In support of World Bee Day this year we've made a small donation to The Bee Conservancya nonprofit that protects all bees, safeguards the environment, and builds communities. Visit their website to learn more about their history and mission. We hope you'll consider making your own donation to support The Bee Conservancy and their efforts in saving the bees!