Peanut Powder

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At Peanut Butter & Co we’re for peanut butter lovers, and that includes peanut powder, sometimes called powdered peanut butter or peanut protein powder. Our peanut powders are made with simple, honest ingredients. We’ve got traditional peanut powder and peanut powder flavors like cocoa and honey. Love functional foods? Try our flax & chia peanut powder. Looking for the best tasting protein powder for your vegan smoothie or protein shake? Try our vanilla peanut powder! Looking for a low fat peanut butter? Try mixing two tablespoons of peanut powder with one tablespoon of water for a satisfying spread or dip. Watching sugar, tracking carbs, and striving to live a healthy lifestyle? Try our Pure Peanut peanut powder, which has no sugar added and is perfect for a keto lifestyle. It’s also great for gluten free baking! And of course all our peanut powders are made in the USA and with high oleic USA-grown peanuts!