About Us

We’re on a mission to deliver products that taste good, feel good, and do good

We LOVE peanut butter! We started in 1998 with a shop that served nothing but peanut butter sandwiches. We weren’t satisfied with existing mass market brands and their questionable ingredients so we started making our own peanut butter from day one.

All of our employees are as passionate as they were back when we first opened our sandwich shop. We may have grown since then, but we proudly remain 100% family owned and not part of any conglomerate. We put our whole hearts into everything we do and believe that having fun is just as important as working hard.


About me: I’m the Peanut Butter Guy
My favorite PBCo flavor: Crunch Time
I grab a spoon: In the morning when I’m getting ready for the day. A sip of coffee, a few bites of banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter and I’m good to go!


Associate Director - HR & Administration
About me: I love to be active and explore, in life and food!
My favorite PBCo flavor: They’re all delish! Whatever my mood, there’s a Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter flavor to match it!
I grab a spoon: at 3pm almost every day with a dollop of Dark Chocolatey Dreams, and pair it with a cup of coffee. It’s my perfect afternoon pick-me-up!


Senior Director of Sales
About me: I love being the best husband and father I can be and enjoying life with family every day.
My favorite PBCo flavor: Smooth Operator
I grab a spoon: right after my morning cup of coffee—it’s the perfect way to hold me over until I’ve finished getting ready for the day ahead.


Sales Director - West
About me: I am fun loving, and family centered. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with loved ones laughing, loving, and just living.
My favorite PBCo flavor: The Bees Knees
I grab a spoon: in the afternoon when I need a quick work break and a little protein to get me through ‘til dinner.


Sales Director - East
About me: I am happiest outdoors snowboarding or mountain biking.
My favorite PBCo flavor: Crunch Time mixed with Dark Chocolatey Dreams
I grab a spoon: when I need a peanut butter & chocolate fix.


Staff Accountant
About me: I’m a Sagittarius, and when I’m not spending time with my family and friends, I am out seeking my next adventure.
My favorite PBCo flavor: Vanilla Peanut Powder
I grab a spoon: when I cuddle on the couch with my dog and a good book.


Art Director
About me: Life is good!
My favorite PBCo flavor: White Chocolatey Wonderful
I grab a spoon: late at night!


Operations Coordinator
About me: I am a traveler and an adventure-seeker. I love to go out and explore the world!
My favorite PBCo flavor: White Chocolatey Wonderful
I grab a spoon: when it rains.


Assistant Marketing Manager
About me: I love discovering new foods, studying and practicing photography, and staying home on a Saturday night.
My favorite PBCo flavor: Simply Smooth
I grab a spoon: whenever I’m feeling hangry – it’s the perfect cure!