The Skinny on Peanut Powder: Blend it, Bake it, Spread it, Love it!

The Skinny on Peanut Powder: Blend it, Bake it, Spread it, Love it!

You’ve heard about peanut powder, but what is it? And what can you do with it? Peanut powder starts with peanut flour and ends with so many delicious possibilities.   

Peanut flour is made by grinding high quality roasted peanuts, pressing out the oil, and refining the peanut meal into a fine powder. Peanut powder is made by combining peanut flour with added ingredients such as sweeteners or salt. To make Peanut Butter & Co. Original Peanut Powder, we add a touch of cane sugar and a pinch of salt. We also offer a wide range of tasty flavored peanut powders created by adding simple ingredients such as vanilla, cocoa, honey, or ground flax seeds and ground chia seeds.   

So, what can you do with it? Peanut powder is a great addition or alternative to protein powder because it is a minimally processed food that delivers both protein and delicious taste! Blend it into smoothies for an excellent way to add protein and peanutty flavor. Choose one of our flavored peanut powders, like Peanut Butter & Co. Cocoa Peanut Powder, add bananas, ice, and your favorite milk and blend for a creamy, chocolatey PB smoothie. 

Peanut powder is also great for baking. Substitute up to 1/3 of any recipe’s all-purpose flour with peanut powder, or in some recipes replace flour all together (note that some recipe testing is required to achieve desired outcome).  Try making yummy Peanut Butter Brown Sugar Cookies or Mini Peanut Buttery Apple Tarts with Peanut Butter & Co. Original Peanut Powder.

Peanut powder can even be made into a low-fat substitute for traditional peanut butter by adding one tablespoon of water to two tablespoons of peanut powder. Spread Peanut Butter & Co. Vanilla Peanut Powder on whole wheat toast and top with bananas and cinnamon for a high protein nourishing snack.

What is your favorite way to use peanut powder? Comment below and let us know!