Simply Smooth Chicken and Veggie Wraps

Peanut Butter & Co. Simply Smooth Chicken Veggie Wraps

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes
Yield: 1 wrap

1 large (burrito-size) tortilla or wrap
2 tablespoons Peanut Butter & Co. Simply Smooth or Simply Crunchy
1 small carrot, shredded
¼ cup thinly sliced red bell pepper
¼ cup shredded red cabbage
2 ounces shredded rotisserie chicken


  1. Place wrap on a cutting board or flat work surface. 
  2. Spread peanut butter over wrap, and top with carrot, bell pepper, cabbage, and chicken
  3. Roll the tortilla closed, burrito-style
  4. Add extra peanut butter to the edge to seal, if necessary
  5. Cut wrap in half or quarters


The wrap can be enjoyed immediately, or refrigerated and served the next day.

This recipe was created for Peanut Butter & Co. by Jessica Ivey RDN.


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