With Love & Patience We Will Get Through This Together

At Peanut Butter & Co, we care deeply about our community. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives in unprecedented ways. Over the past week, we’ve been actively monitoring developments and working around the clock to ensure the safety of our team and minimize disruption in our supply chain so we can continue to deliver peanut butter to as many customers as possible.

The safety of our team members, suppliers and customers is our top priority. Our office team are working remotely, we have ceased all business travel and are complying with all government recommendations and guidelines to prevent to spread of COVID-19. We are in close contact with our manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities, all of whom have prevention and response plans in place. We are so grateful for everyone on our team and the hard work they are doing to make sure our customers can have access to our products both online and in stores. 

We are a small team, with big hearts, and we want to you to know that we're here for you. Whether you're working from home, navigating the unemployment system, an essential worker who is putting the lives of others before your own, or anyone in between - we care about you.

While we may not be providing our usual content, we will be focusing on how to do the best with what you’ve got by offering some helpful recipes, tips, and ideas for using PB at home. We will also continue to share favorites from our followers and friends because we believe that the best place to find the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions is within each other. Log on to our blog, recipes page, or social media if you're feeling like you need a smile and PB fix.

As you navigate this world that looks so much different than it did just a few weeks ago, remember we are all in this together. Be compassionate, and love with your whole heart. Offer a helping hand, a warm word, or a spare jar of peanut butter to someone in need. Say thank you; say it loud, and say it often. Have patience with one another, and with yourself, as we all adapt to this climate of uncertainty and change.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and if you can, stay home. With love & patience, we will get through this together.


Luann Nolen _

I still think that you should bring back “The Heat Is On”

It was so good and worked great in lots of recipes.

alf daland_

Wow. I purchased your vanilla peanut butter when this whole COIVID thing started. Honestly just to stock my shelves with long lasting items, and yours was one of the few still available online. But then I made a PBJ with your product and I was hooked. Down to my last jar, hope you guys come back strong. Looking forward to placing another order. If you can please email me when you guys are back in business, I’ll keep checking.

Jo-Ann B._

Can you please Email me as soon as the Peanut Butter Smooth Operator
starts production again. Please you guys make the “Best Peanut Butter”
Just Love It !!

Connie Ansell_

Hope to see you back up and running soon! We’re big fans of White Chocolate Wonderful. Down to our last jar:( Stupid Pandemic.

Connie Ansell_

Hope to see you back up and running soon! We’re big fans of White Chocolate Wonderful. Down to our last jar:( Stupid Pandemic.

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