June News for Peanut Butter Lovers

June News for Peanut Butter Lovers

Hello Fellow Peanut Butter Lovers, 

 We’re here with our June newsletter, chock full of fun stuff to help you kick the month off with a smile! 

❤️ We are loving this Instagram post by @playingcreatingeducating displaying how she made the new take on Ants on a Log pictured above. Adorbs!  

🎧 Hey Spotify pals, check out our June playlist – the first song is so sweet you'll go nuts for it! 😉🥜🍯 

♊ Geminis, listen up! This Instagram post will tell you which Peanut Butter & Co variety our good friend and astrology expert @HouseofChironTX thinks is right for you.

😊 We are humbled (and blushing) over this amazing story about Cinnamon Swirl by our new favorite humans at Beauty News NYC 

⌚ Save the Date: June 11. We can’t say much more right now, other than: EPIC. LIVE. STREAM. More deets to follow! 

🌈 June is Pride Month, an important time of year for the LGBTQ+ Community. There will be rainbows and parades for sure, but another way to celebrate is to support the organizations supporting our community. Consider joining us in making a donation this month to The Trevor Project, Broadway Cares, or an LGBTQ community Center near you 🙏 

👍 And if you haven’t heard, we started a Facebook Group called Peanut Butter People. Come join the fun if you’re on Facebook! 

See you in the peanut butter aisle!

Lee Zalben + The Peanut Butter & Co Team