Double Chocolate Dreams

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At Peanut Butter & Co., we think that the only thing sadder than a day without chocolate is a day without peanut butter. So here it is folks, a cookbook with a Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter recipe for every day of the month – the 31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams Cookbook! Conceived and written by the Peanut Butter Guy himself, Lee Zalben, Founder & President of Peanut Butter & Co., the cookbook pays tribute to the company’s #1 selling peanut butter flavor. You’ll find simple recipes for old time favorites like Crispy Rice Treats, Blondies, and Bread Pudding, as well as delectable recipes to make for more celebratory occasions like Crepe Cake, Swiss Roll, Tiramisu, and Pear Tart.

Get this FUN cookbook together with a 28oz jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams for yourself, your sweetie, or a friend! Everything just tastes better with peanut butter and chocolate!

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