Peanut Butter

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At Peanut Butter & Co we’re for peanut butter lovers! Looking for natural peanut butter? Our peanut butter is made with simple, honest ingredients. We’ve got traditional smooth and creamy peanut butter, as well as crunchy and chunky peanut butter! Looking for gourmet peanut butter or flavored peanut butter? Many folks love our chocolate peanut butter, honey peanut butter, and maple peanut butter! They’re delicious if you like to eat peanut butter on a spoon and very handy for peanut butter snacks and peanut butter desserts. Watching sugar, tracking carbs, or striving to live a healthy lifestyle? We’ve got options for you, including no sugar added peanut butter and keto peanut butter. And of course all of our peanut butter is made in the USA with only USA-grown peanuts!